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How to Use Black Walnut to Cure Candida

Author: Bello Gbenga

One of the effective natural anti-fungals that you can use to treat Candida is black walnut; in fact some scientific studies have revealed that black walnut has strong anti-Candida properties than most commercial conventional medical anti-fungals.

The black walnut tree originated from North America where the husk, bark and leaves of the tree has been in use for centuries for different medicinal uses like the following:

-The relief of toothache

-Treatment of ringworm

-Elimination of bed bugs and mites


This natural cure is a constituent of several over the counter yeast medications and it is also available in concentrated form.

How does this natural yeast cure work?

-Black walnut contains an active ingredient called juglone which has considerable anti-fungal activity is comparable to those of commercially prepared anti-fungals like zinc concentrate and selenium sulfide.

-Black walnut contains tannins that can destroy fungal micro-organisms and other parasites.

-This natural cure also helps to get rid of worms.

-Black walnut also has the following medicinal properties:

a-It helps to reduce elevated blood pressures

b-It aids the cure of thyroid diseases

c-It helps to relieve diarrhoea

d-It helps to relieve sore throat and asthma

How should you use Black walnut?

-The part of this plant that has the highest anti-Candida activity is the husk. To obtain the husk, you first harvest the root when it is green and you then soak it to remove the husk. The husk is soaked and the extract that is removed from this soaked husk is the most effective anti-Candida part of this plant.

This extract is commercially sold as a tincture or alcoholic solution. The usual recommended dose for this walnut extract for the treatment of Candida in adults is as follows:

Day 1-Mix one drop of this extract with water and take this mixture in the morning. Repeat this three times in the day and space these three other doses at least 4 hours apart.

Day 2-Mix 2 drops of extract with water 4 times in a day for oral consumption.

Day 3- Mix 3 drops of the extract with water 4 times in a day for oral consumption.

You can also make use of black walnut capsules which you can take with water about 15-20 minutes before a meal. You start by taking one capsule two times daily and you increase the dose by adding one extra capsule everyday till you get up to the 7th day when you would be taking 6 capsules twice per day.

You can then continue this maximum dose of 6 capsules twice per day for the next 7 days up till the 14th day. After these two weeks you should stop taking the capsules for 5-7 days then repeat the use of these capsules for another 10-14 days at the maximum daily dose of 6 capsules two times in a day.

However, you must realise that these dose regimens are mainly guidelines and you can adjust the dosage either up or down based on the response of your own body. Furthermore, if you have either liver or kidney diseases you should be very wary of using this natural cure. Also, pregnant and breastfeeding women should also avoid using black walnut.

By the way are you interested in discovering other safer, simpler and more effective natural Candida cures? If so,you are invited to visit yeastsolution to download a cheap 250 page book on holistic natural Candida cures.

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